By Brittany Azzouz | Photos by James Moore

Students all over campus have chosen to perminantly mark their bodies with various messages and symbols. Find out why these students got their tattoos.

tattooJoe Townsend, sophomore political science and media arts and design major

“My first tattoo is located between my shoulder blades. It is an image of an Egyptian eye; on the inside, the earth is reflected off of the eye, as if the eye is beholding the earth. This tattoo represents my concept of God. That is, a higher being which oversees life.”




tattoo2 Joe Townsend, sophomore political science and media arts and design major

“My second tattoo is on the right side of my torso, on my ribs … The tattoo represents perseverance to me. Even when you can’t open your eyes without seeing discouraging messages, or go anywhere without hearing the people who want to tell you to turn around and go home, you have to press on.”




tat footJulie Kamp, freshman nursing major

“I have a tattoo on my left foot. It has the phrase “wild & free” in cursive black and blue letters with two flying birds and the message ‘love ya sis, Darric’ written in my brother’s handwriting … Every time I look down at my foot, it’s like a little encouragement to keep moving forward and it reminds me that he’s still here.”




tattoo3Lauren Fisher, sophomore communication studies and media arts and design major

“I have a Roman numeral nine (IX) on my left hip. Everyone always asks me, why nine? I was born on Sept. 9, 1990, which is straight nine’s (9/9/90), and also when I turned nine it was 1999 and when I turned 19 it was 2009 so it seemed like fate to get Roman numeral nine.”