By Allison Michelli | Photos by Briana Bui

Frugal shoppers and hipsters have the right idea when it comes to raiding the racks at consignment shops. Shopping at thrift stores is an adventure into a treasure trove of bargain deals on everything from grandma sweaters and quirky coffee mugs to first edition Twilight books and your favorite movies on VHS tape. Harrisonburg is home to a selection of thrift stores that would make even Macklemore turn green with jealousy.

Gift & Thrift | 731 Mt. Clinton Pike

Located downtown, Gift and Thrift is a short walk from Eastern Mennonite University’s campus and offers a wide selection of clothing that’s color-coded to perfection, household items and furniture. Most notable is their book selection, chock full of best-sellers, young adult paperbacks and nonfiction on a variety of subjects. Be sure to check out the vintage clothing section, a gold mine for unique costume pieces, poodle skirts from the ’50s and hippie garb from the ’60s and ’70s.

The Salvation Army | 425 E. Washington St.

This large warehouse offers a classic thrift shopping experience. Every nook and cranny is packed with trinkets and knickknacks looking for their new forever home. Don’t forget to explore the back section of the warehouse, home to a collection of furniture, bicycles, wheelchairs and the occasional out-of-tune piano.

Goodwill | 2025 E. Market St. / 2475 S. Main St.

Goodwill is so good that there are two locations in Harrisonburg. Seasoned thrift shoppers know that Goodwill is the place to find all that retired spirit-wear for sporting events on the cheap. Where else in town can you get a JMU sweatshirt for $3?

Plato’s Closet | 1790 E. Market St.

Looking for that last season Michael Kors bag, or a pair of practically new Ugg boots? Plato’s Closet is the destination for fashion forward shoppers on a budget. Along with a rotating stock of trendy, seasonal pieces, Plato’s Closet will also offer you cash for gently used, brand name clothing and accessories.

Mercy House | 1005 S. High St.

The great thing about Mercy House is that along with providing a wide selection of consigned items like clothes, books and furniture, they also help fight homelessness in Harrisonburg.

Tried and True | 600 University Blvd.

Tried and True is conveniently located next to east campus in the same shopping plaza as Cinnamon Bear Café. The store offers weekly color tag sales that give 50 percent off any item’s original price.