After freshman year it gets easy to be caught up in your major, unaware of all that academic life our campus has to offer. Check out these different approaches to life in the “classroom.”

SHELBY!Shelby Gratz, junior dance major

I want to join a professional dance company and eventually work as a teacher at the college level. Costumes will always be a part of my life and my dress will pretty much only change if I become a teacher.


Luke Makai, junior quantitative finance major

I’m hoping to be able to work in New York or some other city. …Finance is probably the most conservatively dressed major because we work with people’s money and they want that to be safe. Giving them that security all starts with the dress.



Lauren Miccile, senior athletic training major

We have policies for what we have to wear. We need khakis every day for clinic, we are issued Sports Medicine T-shirts for practices and for games we are issued polos. Personally, I’m going to try and work as an athletic trainer in a physical setting, most likely in a physical therapy setting, then hopefully at the collegiate level. The khakis and professional dress would stay the same.



Caroline Esbenshade, senior studio art and media arts & design major

I’m doing what I want to do, I’m working for a gallery. I don’t forsee my clothing changing. I’m pretty much dressed as I’m going to dress for probably…ever. It’s pretty obvious I’m an art student, there’s that ubiquitous paint stain on my shirt. I pretty much paint in everything I own.




Matthew Lockley, senior industrial design major

It is not how it gets done, but what gets done. My goal is to change the world. Whatever it is that one wants to accomplish must be of higher purpose than what one does. I want to own several businesses but my goal is to change people’s lives for the better. Therefore, my style is only a vehicle by which I am able to relate to people.