By Alison Paylor | Photos by Matt Schmachtenberg

Try some of these creative ways to make the most out of your wardrobe.

Scarves as Headbands

This idea works well if you’re into the bohemian style of dress, although it can be incorporated into any look. Tie a scarf around your head and let the ends hang if you simply want to use it as a headband. If you want to try something more interesting, use the ends to tie back your hair into a ponytail, weave them into a braid or wrap it all into a messy bun. Accomplishing the look might be easier with a scarf made from a thinner fabric. Now that it’s sunnier outside, try a fun floral or colorful ikat pattern.

Scarves as Belts

Scarves can also be doubled as belts if they are long enough to be wrapped around your waist. You can adjust the width depending on whether you want it skinnier or thicker. After you have achieved the desired look, tie the ends into a knot or bow as a finishing touch.

Necklaces as Bracelets

Wrap a necklace around your wrist a few times and you’ve got yourself a bracelet. Necklaces with ribbon ends allow you to just tie it to the desired fit. Longer necklaces may fit well on your wrist depending on how many times it can be twisted. This look can easily be accomplished with a thin stranded necklace or a chunky beaded one, depending on the look you’re going for.

Maxi Skirts as Sundresses

Just pull up your floor-length skirt a little higher than normal and you have the perfect spring or summertime sundress. If it’s a looser skirt, try belting it for an empire waist dress that accentuates your shape. Finish off the look by slipping on some strappy summer sandals.

 Mini Skirts as Bandeaus

For a twist on the commonly thin bandeaus, take a mini bandage skirt and wear it as a bandeau under a shear top, button-up shirt or oversized tee to add a pop of color. Bandage skirts are typically made of stretchy fabric, but one made with a lace fabric would be more comfortable in the warmer weather.

Shorter Skirts as Tube Tops

The same method can be applied to shorter skirts. Belt a knee-length loose skirt to make it a tube top and pair it with your favorite jean shorts. If it’s a really hot day out, throw your hair up in a scarf if you don’t want your hair on your neck You’ll be comfy and cute all day long.