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An herbivore and an omnivore review selections from one of Harrisonburg’s newest restaurants

Food Bar Food -4888Herbivore

Review | Whitney Roberts
Photography | Hannah Peterson

When Food.Bar.Food opened downtown, I was eager to check it out. As a vegetarian, I’m always looking for new places in town that offer a wide variety of choices. Luckily, Food.Bar.Food’s menu was exceptionally accommodating. I was able to order an appetizer, a main dish and dessert.

To start with, I ordered the black bean and goat cheese hummus. I thought that the black beans and goat cheese would serve as a chunky garnish on the hummus, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were nicely whipped together to form a thick consistency. At $6, the hummus was slightly overpriced, but it I think it was well worth it and I could see myself ordering it again.

For my main dish, there were several vegetarian options. However, I decided on the smoked tomato soup.  The soup came with a grilled cheese on sourdough Pullman bread with veggies and mozzarella cheese curd.  I’ve never had a grilled cheese with veggies in it before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The caramelized onions, chopped, and diced squash were a lovely addition to the cheese and complemented it well. Naturally, I dipped the grilled cheese into the soup. The pairing was delightful. The smoky flavors in the tomato soup were rich, vibrant and slightly spicy. The smoked tomato soup and grilled cheese combination was only $11 and I would recommend it to anyone looking for comfort food with a twist.   

For dessert, I had the chocolate cardamom cake with coffee syrup and pistachio toffee. Food.Bar.Food changes its dessert menu weekly, but I certainly hope this one makes a return.  The pistachio toffee was very flavorful, but was a little bit too sticky. However, the chocolate cake went well with the toffee and the coffee syrup brought the flavors together without making it too sweet.  All of the desserts on the menu were very reasonably priced at $5-$6 each. 

I thought each of my menu selections were unique and enjoyable.  Considering the price and portion sizes, I could definitely see myself going back to Food.Bar.Food again very soon.

Food Bar Food -4895Omnivore

Review | Ashleigh Balsamo
Photography | Hannah Peterson 

From the moment I stepped inside, I knew Food.Bar.Food was going to be an overall good experience.

The modern décor and friendly hostess immediately set the bar high, and luckily the food didn’t fall short of my expectations.

I ordered the grilled rosemary foccacia as an appetizer and got way more than I thought I would. While $9 may seem a bit pricey for some starter bread, this dish came with mushrooms, basil, cheese and olive oil drizzled on top, making it filling with plenty to share. The flavors complemented each other very nicely. The bread was cooked to perfection and had a slight crunch on the outside while remaining warm and doughy on the inside. As a bread lover, I would definitely order this dish again.

For dinner I ordered the Harris ranch tri tip steak, which was absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly. This steak came atop skillet potatoes and mixed veggies and gets  a 10/10 for presentation alone. The steak was marinated and covered in miso-bacon vinaigrette, which made it juicy and enhanced all of the natural flavors while adding a touch of its own. The veggies were grilled and seasoned nicely, complimenting the steak well. While the portion was a little bit smaller than I was expecting, it was reasonable for $12 and left me feeling satisfied rather than overstuffed.

My third course came as a bit of a shock because I am not a sweets person, but dessert was actually my favorite part of the entire meal. I had the pumpkin whoopie pie with cream cheese frosting, and it was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. The flavor was intense but not overpowering — sweet but not too sweet — and overall a great way to end a great meal. At $5, it was the most reasonably priced item on my bill and worth every penny. Unfortunately, this dessert is a temporary fall item, but here’s hoping that it will make a comeback even when it isn’t in season.

I left Food.Bar.Food feeling very content. I wasn’t so full that I was feeling sick (which happens too often when I leave restaurants) but was satisfied with the three-course meal I had just eaten. From the great food, moderate portions and friendly wait staff, I was extremely pleased with my trip and can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu.



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